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Interest Areas/Learning Centers

Clikck on a kid to visit their center!

Interest Areas or "Learning Centers" are specific places in a preschool room's physical environment where specific activities can be arranged for the children to explore.

"A classroom for young children benefits from having clearly defined, well-equipped interest areas that arranged to promote independence, foster decision making, and encourage involvement." -Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood 

The Creative Curriculum by Diane Trister Dodge has been a huge influence in the creation of this website and the activities and information developed within. I highly recommend these books to anyone working with young children. I believe they embrace a philosophy about early childhood education that respects and acknowledges all children and their learning. 

The following Interest Areas contain ideas for development of each area and include different types of "learning centers" that could be utilized in each area. Be sure to go to The Teacher's Desk and download and print our free Learning Area/Center Signs!

Language & Literacy

Math & Number Concepts





Puzzles, Games & Manipulatives


Science & Discovery


Blocks & Building


Dramatic Play


Music & Movement




With the new focus on literacy development in early childhood, we have added several center examples to each area that illustrate how literacy learning can be supported in every center in your classroom! Other center ideas are listed as well for you to develop in your own program.



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