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Chubby Snowman

There was a chubby snowman 

(hold arms around body like you are chubby)

Who had a carrot nose.

 (with one hand make a pinching motion and pull it out from your nose to insinuate a carrot shape)

Along came a bunny 

(hold up two fingers and make a hopping motion)

And what do you suppose?

 (shrug shoulders)

That hungry little bunny

 (rub tummy)

Was looking for his lunch 

(hold one hand over eyes and look around)

He ate that snowman's nose....
Nibble, nibble CRUNCH!  

(use hand to make a chomping mouth actions at your nose)



***Lynn Kleiner has a copy of this song on her CD In All Kinds of Weather.  Kids Make Music!

There are other verses with more animals.  I made head bands for each kind of animal for the kids to wear to act out this song and then I use a felt board of the snowman.  *Very cute!

You can find her CD's at



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